Case Study - Food and Water

Felicity the glider pilot had her mind set on winning today’s competition.

She was completely focused on making those last little adjustments and changes that should give her the edge. Jamie had the kids under control and she was concentrating on packing her cockpit. She threw in a couple of muesli bars and a small bottle of water (she would rather not have to use the ‘on-board facilities’). Her glider was preflighted, her tow was organised and she felt ready.

Today’s course was a long one, and the sun beat down on Felicity all day. With the combination of altitude and the long course, Felicity started to feel the effects of dehydration and her inappropriate choice of food. The muesli bars were good for about half an hour, but they spiked her blood sugar and it then crashed, leaving her unable to focus on flying the glider and completing the course.

As soon as she got down to 1500 feet with little sign of lift nearby, she knew she had to start to plan for an outlanding. Unfortunately the options were not good, and she had to pick the best of a bad bunch, if only she had thought about this a little earlier instead of concentrating so hard on trying to find some lift.

Unfortunately Felicity did not walk away from that landing, and never walked again.