Talk to your doctor

Before you start dance classes or any other exercise programme, it is wise to talk to your doctor about what you are trying to achieve and what the programme requires you to do.

As a pilot you will hold a medical validation certificate that is issued after a number of tests of your health. The Doc will be able to advise you on a suitable programme of exercise, considering your history.

The doctor is also there for you to talk through any issues that may be concerning you, your work or family. Remember that under the Civil Aviation Rules you have an obligation to report any medical issues that may affect your ability to use your licence and ratings. They can be your family GP or your AME.

If a licence holder is aware of, or has reasonable grounds to suspect, any change in his or her medical condition or the existence of any previously undetected medical condition that may interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges to which his or her medical certificate relates, the licence holder;

  • must advise the Director of the changes as soon as practicable and:
  • should not exercise the privileges to which the licence holder's medical certificate relates.

Be proactive and prevent a problem getting worse - talk to your health professional about your health.

Tim Maynard talks about an in-flight medical issue